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Have you seen our new FaithBox!? We are beyond excited about it.  But we need your help keeping it stocked!  City of Faith-Little Rock is located at 1400 S. Garfield in Little Rock.  The box is open 24/7.  Bring anything you can to help out our homeless and in need neighbors.  Or if it’s easier to purchase from the Amazon Wishlist, it will ship directly to our location.  Lastly, you can donate to the box on Paypal.
All we ask is that people take what they need and leave what they can.

The easiest way to help is to donate. Click the link below to be taken to PayPal for an easy, quick donation. You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

Have an Amazon account? Fantastic. Visit our Amazon Wishlist to purchase items for the FaithBox. Whatever you order ships directly to our offices.

Need help finding us?  Click the icon to find our location to donate or take what you need from the FaithBox.

Need tax information for your donation?