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Welcome to City of Faith

Partnering with both state and federal agencies, City of Faith provides a reentry service to individuals needing a second chance. City of Faith has established with their local communities a trust and a bond that will better serve their clients and neighbors. By building lasting relationships with local employers and outreach opportunities, City of Faith gives their residents the option of change.

City of Faith is located in two states servicing three different communities through 7 diverse facilities. Each of our facilities are decorated and designed with its own unique flavor, befitting of its host city. By allowing our clients to reside in an environment that is sanitary, positive, and livable, they gain a sense of empowerment and pride for their surroundings.

City of Faith prides themselves in a rich volunteer and community outreach program.  Through these efforts, City of Faith has been able to log thousands of volunteer hours and save tax payer dollars.  Our communities and neighborhoods are very important to us!

Through this site you will be able to visit each one of our locations, viewing pictures, contact information, and accommodations available. You will also be privy to vital information concerning the rules and regulations every resident and their family should know, including employer guidelines and tax credit information. Please, utilize this online resource for all your questions and concerns. Anything that is unanswered or not explained in detail, please do not hesitate to contact that facility or our corporate office.



Case Management

Our case managers work one on one with our clients weekly. They help the residents develop goals, save money, and figure out what their second act looks like.

Financial Management

All of our residents are required to start a savings account and contribute to it actively.

Housing Assistance

While assisting the residents their goals, the case managers also help the residents make steps towards returning to their homes or finding a new home.

Transportation Assistance

All residents are issued bus passes to each of our host cities.

Drug & Alcohol Surveillance

Many of our clients have alcohol and substance abuse histories. As part of the process of rebuilding their lives, we keep them accountable in their steps towards sobriety.


City of Faith has closets full of clothes at some locations to help our residents dress for success.

News & Updates

  • City of Faith Director of Security Sam Williams retired from the Maumelle Police Department in 2019. Cory Pickard was named as his replacement upon Sam’s retirement. On October 21, 2023 a tournament was hosted in Cory’s honor to help support his family through his cancer......

  • During my time spent at the Rights after Wrongs event on September the 15th 2023, I witnessed, several lives being changed in the brink of minutes with the services several of the vendors offered. There were HIV test, several employers, AR Adult Education, AR Workforce,......

  • Mr. Washington has been involving himself tirelessly in the community with a variety of outlets throughout a large span of his life. He’s been teaching Heart Saver First Aid/CPR/AED for the last 20 years of his life, which helps with preparation for any moments of......


Families Reunited


Successful Residents


Volunteer Hours


Dollars raised for our communities