F/T Security
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F/T Security

City of Faith is a contractor of the Bureau of Prisons and the Louisiana Department of Corrections. As required by those contracts, we are required to employ a male and female when multiple genders are in our facilities. At times, we will only be seeking applicants of certain genders indicated in our job posts as our contracts require.


Functions under the direct supervision of the Security Supervisor. Is required to use initiative and sound judgment to assure the efficient, effective, and timely accomplishment of all duties. Has direct responsibility for the custody, security, safety, and health of residents. The duties of this position require direct constant contact with individuals in confinement who are suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the State of Arkansas/Louisiana and the United States. This position has continuous contact with residents, staff and other criminal justice agencies and is required to be responsive to their needs. This position is a paraprofessional role involving interpersonal and technical skills. Personnel may be required to work weekends and rotating shifts. Work is performed inside and outside of the facility depending on the nature of the assignment.


Maintain supervision of residents in their conduct and compliance with City of Faith rules and regulations. This position requires the ability to be observant, to evaluate human behavior accurately, and to direct the activity of residents in an impartial manner. The ability to gain the voluntary cooperation of residents is imperative. Observe, record, and report any conduct of residents, which is in violation of the policies and procedures of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Maintain accurate and current records and reports on all residents as deemed necessary by the Security Supervisor, Director, or Deputy Director. Must be familiar with the center’s emergency plans of the center. Is subject to call in cases of emergency.


  • Conduct hourly random bed checks and document results.
  • Conduct random checks on residents and residents on pass or furlough to confirm their location.
  • Conduct random searches of residents’ possessions as they enter and leave the facility, residents’ rooms and all common areas of the facility, and residents’ vehicles and exterior areas of the facility.
  • Awaken residents as needed to meet employment requirements.
  • Record and properly communicate all messages, both verbal and telephonic.
  • Complete all daily forms and reports as required.
  • Conduct a safety inspection of the facility during each shift.
  • Participate in unit team classification meetings as required.
  • Administer urinalysis program under the direction of the Security Supervisor and in accordance with COF policy and procedure.
  • Conduct a joint shift change prior to competing the shift.
  • Supervise the various work assignments of residents.
  • The incumbent must be aware of changes in resident attitudes and their sense of well-being. The resident security is often the first staff member to become aware of disruptions in an offender’s mental health. It is imperative the incumbent use good judgment and initiative in making the case manager aware of concerns.
  • All other duties as assigned.


This position requires a demonstrated ability to follow detailed policies and procedures. Possess the ability to work independently and to function without close supervision. Demonstrated ability in interpersonal communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally. Ability to influence offenders’ attitudes and actions toward phases of the correctional program, and to serve as an appropriate role model. This position requires a valid drivers license.


One year of related community service work, or completion of sixty (60) semester hours of education at the university level. It is expected that the incumbent constantly work for self-improvement in the dynamics of human behavior.


  • The following fringe benefits are associated with this position.
  • After 90 day Probationary Period – Ten (10) annual paid holiday: New Years Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Mardi Gras or President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day,Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • After one year 10 days paid vacation.
  • After five years, 15 days paid vacation.