em solutions
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em solutions

AIR® Check-In App
A remote check-in smartphone application that clients download to their personal Apple or Android smart phone. Agencies manage the app through the AIR® Dashboard, and it serves as a cost effective way to administer remote reporting for low-risk clients.
  • Customizable questionnaires and risk assessments
  • Multiple authentication methods – picture, signature, PIN, fingerprint and facial detection
  • Automated appointments and court reminders
  • Passive GPS monitoring
  • Bluetooth connects with the BLUtag®
AIR® Mobile
The AIR® Mobile is a specialized smartphone with configurable controls and easy to use functions. With AIR® Mobile, agencies can expect to consistently reach their participants in order to keep them accountable for meeting the program’s terms.
Using specialized smartphones in corrections has proven benefits beyond just GPS tracking. It also provides ongoing data accumulation on other reentry success variables such as:
  • Technical violation of reentry terms
  • Quality of participant interaction with supervision office
  • Participant goal attainment (e.g., finishing a degree, engaging in behavioral classes)
  • Community stability (e.g., stable housing and employment, connection to treatment and services support, involvement in positive social networks).
  • Public Safety
AIR® Connect
AIR® Connect is a small, lightweight, tamper-proof tether that pairs with the AIR® Mobile through a Bluetooth connection.
BLUtag® is a one-piece ankle monitoring device that is integrated into the AIR® suite. It features a traditional design with a long-lasting battery and tamper detection.
This portable breath test device and monitoring app combination are an easy way for agencies to remotely monitor alcohol use through scheduled or randomized testing protocols.
  • Provides optional 24/7 GPS monitoring
  • Video records each test
  • Uses facial detection technology to verify the test taker
  • Discreet, fuel-cell portable device
  • Bluetooth connects with the AIR® Mobile
Maxx LMS®
Maxx LMS® is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that offers exclusive educational and skills based content from the Corrections Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). These virtual courses are self paced and can be accessed on any device with internet or pre-downloaded on the AIR® Mobile.
  • Progress reports available to supervisors
  • Branded certificates distributed upon completion of courses
  • CRI includes court approved behavioral courses like anger management, family and community, conflict and communication, substance abuse education, and more.
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