monroe state
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monroe state

Ollie O’Neal-Facility Director
Little Rock
1400 South Garfield Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Phone: (501) 615-1090
Fax: (501) 615-1099
House 1 is the first facility operated by City of Faith. This facility, located in the old garden district of Monroe, was completely renovated and houses the State Administrative and Kitchen staff in addition to residents. House 2 is located across Jackson Street from House 1. Although, this house is the smallest of all the facilities, it is the most sought after facility to reside in. House 4 is the largest of the State facilities and is the housing unit for most new State residents assigned to City of Faith. This facility is an open barracks style dorm with a big screen TV. House 5 is located on Jackson Street and provides a quiet atmosphere for the residents that reside there. All facilities (except House 2) are equipped to handle handicap residents.
Weight lifting equipment
Handicap accessible
Visitors areas
Cable TV
On-Site Laundry Facilities