federal resident faq
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federal resident faq

When is visitation?

Normal visitation hours are on Sundays from 1pm-5pm. Only people who are on your approved visitors list will be allowed to visit. Our Little Rock location has 2 visitations days (residents with last names starting: A-L on Saturdays & M-Z on Sundays).

Can I drive my own car?

Each resident who qualifies for driving privileges will be allowed to drive. you must present the necessary documentation: valid drivers license, valid registration, valid insurance, clean driving record (if your record isn’t clean, you will be required to attend defensive driving class at your expense), and notarized letter from the owner of the vehicle stating you are authorized to drive the vehicle. Driving privileges are reserved for working residents only. Driving privileges are only for residents in the Federal programs only.

Can I drive my own car on weekend pass?

No, someone from your approved pass site must sign you out at City of Faith and pick you up. Someone, other than yourself, must bring you back before your required return time.

What are the restrictions for employers I might work for?

1. The employer must have a tax id number
2. The employer must give you a valid paycheck.
3. The employer must withhold Federal and state taxes from your paycheck.
4. The employer nor any supervisors cannot be related to you.
5. Job site must be withing a 100 mile radius of COF (COF-LR is allowed 150 miles).
6. The employer must know your legal status.
7. You must make at least minimum wage as deemed by your state of residence.

When can I go on Home Confinement?

Each resident is given a H/C eligibility date prior to their arrival to City of Faith. This date is determined by the BOP. All H/C placement dates are calculated and given by the BOP. All residents are required to complete at least 2 weeks in the RRC prior to submission to the BOP for a H/C placement date. All residents being submitted for H/C placement must be current on all subsistence payments and have no incident reports listed in their file. H/C placement is not given to all residents. Residents must also complete a successful weekend pass.

When can I go on pass?

Each resident will be eligible for pass when they complete the first 21 days, found gainful employment, and have made their first subsistence payment. All three (3) requirements must be satisfied before going on pass. Passes are a privilege and are not mandatory. Only residents referred by the BOP will be allowed to apply for social and weekend passes.

How much do I have to pay to live there?

Each resident with income is required to pay 25% of their gross pay. Payment is expected with EVERY paycheck you receive within 48 hours. Residents whom receive income by other means (Social Security, Retirement, etc.) will also be required to pay 25% of their gross income received.

What is provided?

City of Faith will provide a bed, blanket, sheets, pillowcase, pillow, towels, washcloths, basic toiletries (at entry only), washer/dryer access, storage for clothing, 3 meals a day, and cable TV. Residents are responsible for their own toiletries and washing powder.

What should I leave at home?

Cell phones, fans, radios or boom boxes, fragrances, games, laptop/typewriters or related devices, magazines, stuffed animals, suitcases, loose tobacco, tote boxes, video games, videos/DVDs, cassettes/CDs, homemade CD/DVD, candles or incense, extension cords or related devices, or pornographic material.

Can I bring body building or dietary supplements?

These type of food supplements are strictly prohibited.